Steel WF (Wide Flange) and H Beam are structural steel profiles that are currently increasingly being used for construction. WF and HBeam steel shaped like the letter “H”, the standard length of WF and Hbeam is 12 m, size 8 m if needed can be cut from 12 m size, or if there is a custom size can be cut from 12 m length.

WF steel is widely used because it has at least five advantages, namely in terms of design, durability, cost effectiveness, strength, and adaptability.

PT. Multi Steel Diluch is one of the distributors and suppliers of Wide Flange (WF) and H Beam in Indonesia , which is ready to serve demand for goods throughout Indonesia.
Some of the available WF and H Beam brands are: GG (Gunung Garuda), LS (Lautan Steel), KS (Krakatau Steel), KPSS (Karawang Prima Sejahtera Steel), and Import. We also provide services to modify WF into WF Honeycomb, King Cross, Queen Cross, and T-Beam..

Besides WF and H Beam, we also sell various other types of steel products which you can see here: our products.

Here is a list of the sizes of WF and H Beam steel that we sell:

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