high precision AISI 52100 chrome steelballs feature the lowest tolerances and noise levels.;low price than stainless steel,highesthardness,wear-proof

AISI201: Special bearings, automotive components, switches, die casting devices. They are widely used in the electronic industry.

AISI304: Special bearings and pumps, aerosol pumps, gardening and household sprayers, perfume miniature pumps, seams, medical application valves, agricultural backpack sprayers. They are used in foodstuff, aerospace and military industry.

AISI316: Special bearings, pumps and valves, aerosol and dispenser sprayers. Utilised in the foodstuff, paper, chemical, rubber, military, textile industry. Applications in photographic devices, medical instruments, quick couplings, recirculating balls, ink cartridges, jewels.

AISI420C: Special bearings, anti-friction bearings, special pumps, recirculating balls, lighters, pens, automotive seatbelts & components.

AISI440C: Precision bearings, anti-friction bearings, special valves, conveyor belts and rollers, ballpoint pens. They are used in foodstuff, medical instruments, quick couplings, recirculating ball bearings, knotting devices, oil refinery devices.

The sorting machines together withthe manual detecting and modern testing processes, largely ensures the high quality of our products.



  1. steel drum packing: 250kg per steel drum , four steel drums in one pallet .
  2. wood cases packing: 1. 40-60 cartons in one wood cases .
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